CEDAR Studio 8 DNS One and DNS Two

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CEDAR Studio 8 DNS One and DNS Two

The world standards for dialogue noise suppression

The modern standards for dialogue noise suppression in film and TV post, DNS One and DNS Two offers the Academy Award® winning noise suppression of the DNS1000 and its successors, but adds CEDAR's unique LEARN capability that allows the processes to adapt continually to changes in the noise, even when the wanted signal is present. They make unusable interviews intelligible, save huge costs in ADR, and have rescued dialogue for countless movies. In the words of one member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, DNS was "probably used on every major movie coming out of Hollywood in the past couple of years", and can now be found on virtually all dubbing stages worldwide.


CEDAR Studio DNS One

If you work with film dialogue, the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of DNS One provides solutions to audio problems that you could not previously solve. It's the standard for multi-channel post-production in the film, video, and TV industries. It's also ideal for removing motor noise from recordings, for eliminating electrical interference, and for helping to clean up recordings suffering from unfavourable acoustics and poor microphone locations.


CEDAR Studio DNS Two

A huge success within the DNS 2 hardware unit, the newly developed algorithm in DNS Two has already proved to be the quickest, simplest and most effective dialogue noise suppressor ever developed. In almost all cases, using DNS Two is as simple as switching on LEARN and then adjusting the attenuation to obtain the desired amount of noise reduction. If you're working with location sound recordists and studios who use DNS 2s, the DNS Two process will allow you to replicate their work precisely and fine-tune them for the best possible results.

"The Gold Standard against which all others are judged" - Resolution magazine

Available as a range of AAX, VST2, VST3 and AU plug-ins (as well as offering a standalone version of Retouch™) for Windows 7 onward and OS X 10.9 onward, CEDAR Studio 8 comprises eleven advanced processes that allow you to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of your audio. Each CEDAR Studio 8 process has been derived from our multi-award-winning CEDAR Cambridge™ flagship, and provides unsurpassed results, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention.

There are four packages are available:


Including both DNS One and DNS Two, this is perfect for all of your dialogue noise suppression requirements in post and elsewhere.

CEDAR Studio Restore

Comprising no fewer than 8 advanced algorithms, Restore is ideal for all of your audio restoration needs.

CEDAR Studio Retouch

The product that changed the face of the audio industry by introducing spectral editing to the world, Retouch™ remains the most effective way to deal with otherwise intractible audio problems.

CEDAR Studio Complete

Containing all eleven processes from the three CEDAR Studio 8 packages, CEDAR Studio Complete is the unsurpassed plug-in suite for audio restoration and noise suppression.

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