Only the best things to say about my experience with Paul and Odyssey. From purchase thru delivery, Paul actively guided and assured all phases of the process. He found exactly the console I was looking for at the price I was willing to spend, made sage recommendations for tech, shipping & set-up, smoothed the bumps and bruises. Paul was instrumental in every facet of creating the perfect console-buying experience. Paul delivers!

Glenn Rosenstein
Glenn Rosenstein, Producer/Mixer/Engineer
I chose Odyssey Pro Sound for a recent purchase because they offered a considerably lower price than other online retailers. But when the unit arrived and we realized that the I/O was not going to work out with our current setup (our mistake), I experienced the remarkable customer service here at Odyssey Pro Sound. Paul was incredibly understanding and extremely helpful in resolving the problem, even though it was our own fault! Thanks, Paul!
Justin L.
I've been involved in music and sound production for the past 36 years.
Paul Savasta at Odyssey Pro Sound is the best salesperson I have
ever worked with. I'm enjoying the Manley Massive Passive, Manley
Vari Mu, Chandler TG1, Chandler Zener Limiter and Crane Song STC-8
I purchased from him. Plus, the Antelope Audio 10MX Atomic Master Clock
makes everything sound amazing!
Paul offers the best prices and follow up support of any audio dealer on the planet.

Robert Fair
Robert Fair, Robert Fair Productions
I tried Odyssey Pro Sound in 2001 upon recommendation of a friend. Since then, it's been one successful transaction after another, buying and selling, plus exceptional customer service, 14 years and counting!!!

Mike Gage
Drummer/ Engineer/ Producer
Dallas, TX
Mike Gage
I have been doing business with Paul Savasta at Odyssey Pro Sound since 1994. I found his ad in the classifieds of Mix Magazine while looking for microphone preamps for my then 1" 16 track demo factory. At that time there were no shortage of used equipment brokers to take your money for some sight unseen (even by them) piece of audio gear. It was difficult to distinguish the integrity level of the various players in his game from their ads, and being I wasn't looking to buy an 8078 at inflated pricing, finding the guy who would find the 'best deal for me' was the quest. Talking to Paul on the phone led me to two realizations: He admittedly didn't know everything there was to know about Pro Audio gear, a rarity, and he actually cared about your level of happiness, an even bigger rarity.
It is now nearly twenty years later, and even though Paul's level of knowledge has mushroomed, his ego hasn't, and my first call when I'm searching for a new 'tool' is 978-744-2001. I've had his number memorized for that long. Through all those many transactions I can honestly say there has never been a bad one; Once, an item was not as advertised by the seller and Paul quickly intervened to make it right.
In summation, as I sit in front of my classic Neve console with Flying Faders and a collection of the greatest microphones ever made, typing on an iPad before today's session, I know that HONESTY was the trait that kept me coming back year after year. The Pro Audio dealers who survived the economic Holocaust in the music production business are very good at what they do, the sleazy ones were weeded out, the older veterans retired, and I've patronized almost all of the current ones at one time or another, but Paul is my go to guy!

Bobby Croft
Bobby Croft, Grey Area Recording

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