Glenn Rosenstein, FAME Recording Studio
SSL SL6000 56 Channels
Mastercraft Recordings, Freehold, NJ
Trident 88 24 Channel Console
Uncle Jessie's Kitchen, Arlington, TX
Soul Voltage Music, Nashville, TN
Sennheiser MD441 Dynamic Microphone
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New Equipment | Used and Vintage Equipment

Odyssey Pro Sound sells the finest quality new, used and vintage pro audio recording equipment. Contact us if you’re looking for a pedal jumper cable, a sublime esoteric vintage tube microphone, or anything in between. If you don’t see it on the website – then put it on your wish list. We provide professional, personal service.

Studio design for your home space or commercial studio

We can design a studio for your home or for a large commercial space.

Through innovative design and hard work, this empty basketball court shown below has been transformed into a beautiful state of the art recording facility. Whether you require a re-design of an existing space, or if you have a new construction build out; Odyssey Pro Sound has the resources to make your dream studio a reality! Please contact Odyssey Pro Sound for your professional studio design solutions.

Reasonable prices, reasonable people, professional quality.

Studio Design

Professional Installation Services

Odyssey Pro Sound has an expansive service scope, from private home studios to commercial mega studios anywhere in the continental 48 states. Our installation service is second to none in planning, implementation and customer satisfaction. If you have questions or need a quote, feel free to give us a call or click below to get started.

Installation Checklist

  1. Formulate wiring plan based on customer needs and workflow.
  2. Discuss wire management for facility (cable troughs, conduit runs, etc.) If architect is involved, pre-construction planning is possible.
  3. Make recommendations on materials (patchbays, cable, connectors, mic panels) for install.
  4. Formulate estimate of materials & installation labor.
  5. Schedule time to fabricate and install wiring and components.
  6. Perform Installation.
  7. Full test of installed system.

Finance Your Equipment

Odyssey Pro Sound has a special arrangement with the best financing company in the country for professional audio equipment. They are friendly, knowledgeable people that are not only well versed in financing, but in the music industry as well! In short, your Neve, API or SSL will not be foreign words to your lender. To get started please review the following guidelines and click the application.

Call Us +1-978-744-2001

Odyssey Pro Sound

Personal Service, Expert Solutions

Talk to us and try our financing services through LFCI. Offering Lease-To-Own equipment financing specifically for the audio community. Amounts usually start at $10.000 with NO upper limit. Odyssey can help you take your studio to the next level. Call us today or Apply Online above to get started!

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